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Body Contouring Creme

Body Contouring Creme Information

Body Contouring Creme By Herbalife
Retail Price: $28.00
Our Price: $22.40
Package Type: 200 ml
Buy Body Contouring Creme

Buy Body Contouring Creme

  • Description
    Gingko biloba extract and fruit acids help improve the appearance of skin firmness, texture and tone in problem areas.

    Key Benefits:
    • Minimize the appearance of dimpled skin
    • Improve appearance of dimpled skin after weight loss
    • Part two of a two-step body care program

    Improve problem zones and help minimize the look of dimpled skin with this two-step approach. Body Buffing Scrub helps exfoliate and smooth skin. Body Contouring Crème, with gingko and fruit acids, helps improve the appearance of skin firmness.

  • Recommended Use
    Apply Body Contouring Crème with your fingertips on problem areas with gentle upward strokes.

  • Where To Buy
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