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Body Fat Tester Information

Body Fat Tester By Natural Care
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  • Description
    Body-Fat Tester plus Free Fat-Loss Plan. The first and only scientifically tested, doctor-approved way to measure your body fat in the privacy of your home! For everyone who takes their health, fitness and weight goals seriously. Scientifically tested, doctor approved. "A remarkable device which exemplifies what today's consumers demand and deserve - safe, effective, and legitimate solutions designed to help, not deceive them." Dr. Gerald E. Landwer, Former Chairman, National Council for Physical Fitness. "A necessity for every home with a bathroom scale. Not weight, but fat is the enemy. It's not just the quantity of your weight, but the quality that's important." Dr. Timothy J. Michael, Exercise Physiologist. Convenient, Accurate & Reliable. Now you can measure your body-fat percentage as often as you wish with this patented precision instrument. It's easy and convenient. With immediate results. And you can do it yourself privately at home. Comparative studies show the body-Fat Tester to be as accurate and reliable as elaborate body-fat testing at a clinic or health club. Doctor-Recommended fat-loss plan included. Reduce your cholesterol, bring down your blood pressure, and lower your risk of heart disease and certain cancers by following this doctor-recommended fat-loss plan. It includes fat facts, fat-loss tips, and flexible menus to attack excess fat. And keep it off!

  • Body Fat Tester Additional Notes
    U.S. Patent # 5,156,161
  • Ingredients
    Body Fat Tester is a skin-fold caliper to accurately measure and chart fat-loss (and muscle loss) progress at home with privacy.

  • Recommended Use
    All you do is "pinch an inch" and measure. Simple body-fat tables included inside.

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