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CarbQuitters Information

CarbQuitters By Futurebiotics
Retail Price: $22.95
Our Price: $18.36
Package Type: 90 Caps
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  • Description
    CarbQuitters contains Phaseolamine, a unique all natural protein based inhibitor of amylase, the enzyme necessary for carbohydrate / starch digestion. By blocking amylase the digestion of starches / carbohydrates can be decreased. Also contains chromium and gymnema sylvestre, both revered for their effects on helping the body to utilize glucose as energy, rather than storing it as fat cells.

  • Ingredients
    Other ingredients: gelatin, water.

  • Warnings
    Do not use if you are pregnant, nursing, or currently taking medication without consulting your healthcare professional. Not for use by individuals under the age of 18. Keep cool, dry and away from direct light. Keep out of reach of children.

  • Recommended Use
    As a dietary supplement for adults, take 2 capsules before meals that contain starches or as a recommended by your health care professional.

  • Where To Buy
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