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Diet Chitosan

Diet Chitosan Information

Diet Chitosan By Source Naturals
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Package Type: 120 Caps
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Buy Diet Chitosan

  • Description
    Chitosan, a fiber derived from chitin in shellfish, is classified as a nondigestible aminopolysaccharide. Chitosan is produced by removing acetyl groups from chitin, through a process called deacetylation. This process enhances the activity of chitosan by improving its solubility in the stomach. When taken in conjunction with the Maximum Metabolism Weight Loss PlanT, body fat may be reduced.

  • Warnings
    If you are pregnant, nursing, allergic to shellfish or taking any medication, consult your health care professional before using this product. Fat soluble Vitamins (A, E, D, or K), essential fatty acids or medications, should be taken 4 hours before or after ingesting Chitosan to ensure absorption. Take this product with large amounts of fluid. Without drinking enough liquid, the product may cause constipation. Discontinue use if intestinal discomfort or constipation occurs.

  • Recommended Use
    Two capsules 1/2 hour before lunch and two capsules 1/2 hour before dinner with 8 oz of liquid. Drink at least 8 glasses of fluid daily. For best results, use with the enclosed Maximum Metabolism Weight Loss PlanT and a multiple vitamin such as Source Naturals Life ForceT.

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