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Lipovarin Information

Lipovarin By Sterling-Grant Laboratories
Retail Price: $89.99
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Package Type: 150 Caps
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  • Description
    America's Hottest New "Thermogenic Super Weight Loss Formula" Because It Works!!

    Lipovarin is formulated with the latest cutting edge ingredients to facilitate fat metabolism and support lean body mass. The Lipovarin formula will enhance energy levels throughout the most stringent of weight control programs while improving physical performance. Sterling Grant Laboratories has established a new industry standard with their next generation weight loss formula Lipovarin.

    Lipovarin addresses weight control from many different angles. Stimulation of the metabolism is a prime focus of the Lipovarin formula. Advantra Z (citrus aurantium) an important component in the formula has been shown to have similar metabolism boosting effects of that of Ma Huang without the negative side effects. Caffeine, Metabromine and Green Tea all provide thermogenic and metabolism stimulating effects as well as supporting increases in resting energy expenditure. The patented ingredient 7 Keto is included in the Lipovarin formula for many of its clinically substantiated claims. These claims include the ability to stimulate enzymes in the liver responsible for thermogenesis, increasing the body's metabolic efficiency, greater weight loss results, and maintaining an ideal body weight.

    SerotainT is also a vital component in this unique weight control product. It supports the suppression of appetite and provides what many users explain as a euphoric effect. This is very important as many people scrap weight loss programs because of irritability and their inability to control their appetite. Rounding out the LipovarinT formula are Coral Calcium, Taurine and Glucuronolactone each supporting your weight loss goals, as well as supporting the functionality of other key LipovarinT ingredients.

    No doubt about it, Lipovarin should be the centerpiece of your weight loss supplement program. Sterling Grant Labortories has cut no corners and spared no expense in developing what experts are calling the most complete weight loss product ever developed. Change your body and your life now with Lipovarin!

  • Lipovarin Additional Notes
    Sterling Grant LaboratoriesT has spent many years developing an advanced Thermogenic Super Weight Loss Formula that's specifically tailored to your highly sensitive needs. Lipovarin's patented formula was created to help achieve a leaner, sexier you. without the worries!
    • Imagine a product removing a main obstacle to losing weight, slow metabolism.
    • Safely supports the suppression of appetite so that you don't "binge" on non-healthy empty calories.
    • LipovarinT Promotes Energy and resting energy expenditure.
    • 100% Safe, Natural and Effective!

    What makes LipovarinT so effective?

    The all-natural, MetazideT, a thermogenic product that helps boost the metabolism, increasing the rate your body burns calories. Thus, your favorite tasty foods are metabolized faster and are not allowed to stay in your body to be stored as excess fat.

    Lipovarin'sT proprietary formula contains the most premium grade ingredients, that complement and enhance Lipovarin'sT fat burning and weight loss capabilities. This is done without any stimulants or FDA banned ingredients!

    Formulated with Advantra Z (citrus aurantium) an important component in the formula that has been shown to have similar metabolism boosting effects of that of Ma Huang without the negative side effects.

    Don't let your metabolism slow down and lead to bigger fat cells, order your bottle of LipovarinT today!!

  • Ingredients
    Other Ingredients: Gelatin (capsule), Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate.

  • Warnings
    Lipovarin contains caffeine and should not be taken by individuals who wish to eliminate caffeine from their diet. Limit the use of caffeine containing foods and beverages while using Lipovarin. DO NOT EXCEED SUGGESTED DOSE.

  • Recommended Use
    As a dietary supplement take 3 capsules of Lipovarin twice daily, once in the morning before breakfast and once mid afternoon.

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