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Melting Point

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Melting Point By Designer Supplements
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Package Type: 180 Caps
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  • Description
    Designer Supplements is proud to present the last fat burning product you will ever need... Melting PointT. The secret behind Melting PointT is LipidAceT, an ingenious Modified Fatty-Acid Complex. LipidAceT accelerates the rate at which your body metabolizes body fat while sparing muscle tissue, getting you leaner than you ever imagined, faster than you would believe.

    How Does the Body Burn Fat?
    The body makes use of stored fat for fuel under conditions of restricted food intake, when the overall calorie expenditure exceeds that of the total calories you eat on a daily basis. There are two steps in the process of losing fat. The first step is to liberate the fat from the fat stores, putting it into the bloodstream and making it available for energy. The second is using this liberated fat for energy to fill the caloric deficit. In addition to the typical method of fat-loss, described (very) briefly above, the body can also use fat to essentially "waste" energy to generate heat, for example, when you are cold. This is independent of your calorie intake, but under usual conditions does not account for a significant amount of fat loss. Melting Point is not usual, however.

    Some fat-burners on the market effectively liberate fat, but you will still need to burn the fat through cardio and a reduced diet. A scant few are effective at burning the fat, once liberated. And even less are effective at doing both; at least at a rate that you will notice. Melting PointT, however, fills the gap created by the dearth of products that do both, and effectively and efficiently releases your stored fat into the bloodstream, and increases your base metabolic rate to burn that fat. Moreover, there are no dietary supplements that are effective at wasting energy - that is burning up calories on its own. None that is, until Melting Point.

    Introducing Melting PointT
    Melting PointT assists your fat loss endeavors on multiple levels. Not only will it liberate fat from your fat stores, but it will increase your body's efficiency at burning fat. It does this by increasing both the "mini-furnaces" present in the cell that are responsible for burning fat, and by increasing the fat burning enzymes that assist these furnaces. Lastly, as you probably have surmised, it also increases fat usage by promoting the proteins in the cell responsible for "wasting" energy. On top of these remarkable fat burning effects, it promotes general health by boosting the immune system, supporting healthy blood flow and cholesterol levels that are already in normal range. Because Melting PointT purely promotes fat liberating and fat burning, your hard-earned muscle tissue is spared. The effect Melting PointT has can also improve insulin sensitivity, which will create a more anabolic environment for muscle building - particularly during carb loading or refeeding.

    In short, Melting PointT will:
    • Increase the number of "fat burning units"
    • Increase channeling of fat to these "fat burning units" and enzyme concentrations
    * Promote energy (calorie) "wasting"
    * Increase insulin sensitivity, boost the immune system, and support healthy blood flow
    * Suppuort cholesterol levels already in normal range
    * Increase metabolic rate and promote fat loss Increase metabolic rate and promote fat loss

  • Ingredients
    Other Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Gelatin, Silicon Dioxide and Magnesium Stearate.

    Ingredients: LipidAceT is a proprietary modified fatty acid complex that is compromised of a precise blend of T-AcidT (also known as 3-ThiaT, TTAT or Tetradecylthioacetic Acid) and flax oil powder.

  • Warnings
    For use by adults 18 and over. Always consult a physician before using this or any other dietary supplement.

  • Recommended Use
    To enhance any diet, the average 200 pound male should take six capsules per day. Users should assess tolerance and adjust their dosage as appropriate. No one should take more than eight capsules per day. If severe muscle cramping occurs, increase fluid and electrolyte consumption and/or decrease daily dosage.

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