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Nano Slim

Nano Slim Information

Nano Slim By Iovate Health Sciences
Retail Price: $28.99
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Package Type: 40 Caps
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  • Description
    Don't let the size of nanoSLIMT fool you. It may be small, but its extremely powerful and technologically advanced formula that will help you lose weight, fast - and using it couldn't be easier. Researchers relied on the power of nanotechnology to engineer the nanoSLIMT formula for more rapid diffusion performance!Nanotecnology at Work!

    By utilizing innovative processes such as jet-milling, laser-light scattering analysis, and free vortex gas flow activation, the nanoSLIMT formula is pulverized into micron size particles. These particles are so small that they are only visible through powerful microscopes. With their infinitely tiny size, the key ingredient exerts incredibly powerful effects on the body's internal biochemistry. You body becomes a weight-loss machine!

    Size matters. And when it comes to weight loss, the smaller, the better. Take the key ingredient in nanoSLIMT and compare its scientifically tester weight-loss power to comparable amounts of any other weight-loss ingredient. Based on all available published research, you won't find anything more powerful. Pound-for-pound, nanoSLIMT is the most powerful weight loss formula on earth!

  • Nano Slim Additional Notes
    Contains: Wheat
  • Ingredients
    Other Ingredients: dicalcium phosphate dihydrate, Hydroxypropyl Cellulose, Acesulfame Potassium, Stearic Acid, Microcrystaliline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Croscarmellose Sodium, nanoslim coating (Hydroxypropyl Cellulose, Polydextrose, Titanium Dioxide, Talc, FD&C Blue #2, Maltodextrin, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Carmine Color, Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose, Dextrose Monohydrate, Soy Lecithin, Polysorbate 80)

  • Warnings
    Not intended for use by persons under 18. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Consult a medical doctor before use if you have been treated for, or diagnosed with, or have a family history of, any medical condition including (but not limited to) diabetes, or if you are using any prescription or over-the-counter drug. Consult a medical doctor before starting any diet or exercise program.

  • Recommended Use
    Take 1 micro-tablet daily with water. Do not exceed 1 micro-tablet in a 24-hour period. Combine nanoSLIMT with a sensible diet and a regular exercise program. Consume ten 8 oz. glasses of water per day. Read the entire label and follow instructions.

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