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No Phedra Fat Burner Caps

No Phedra Fat Burner Caps Information

No Phedra Fat Burner Caps By Absolute Nutrition
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Package Type: 80 Caps
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Buy No Phedra Fat Burner Caps

  • Description
    NoPHEDRA, Absolute Nutrition's revolutionary new formula is designed to burn fat without any of ephedra's unwanted side effects.

    No jitters, nervousness, high blood pressure or insomnia.

    NoPHEDRA is an extremely effective fat burning product without ephedra that really works! It combines powerful, but safe, energy and mood enhancers, appetite suppressants and a synergistic blend of potent fat loss agents.

    NoPHEDRA provides a very powerful thermogenic and metabolic boosting effect for amazing long term results! If you have been searching for the answer to ephedra, a way to actually burn fat and get lean without ephedra, you have found it.

  • No Phedra Fat Burner Caps Additional Notes
    Green Tea & Caffeine:

    The green tea extract may play a role in the control of body composition via the activation of thermogenesis & fat oxidation. Green Tea contains catechin-polyphenols & caffeine. The catechin-polyphenols inhibit the enzyme that tums off catecholamine activity. Catecholamines are responsible for the promotion of fat buming. The caffeine works to promote catecholamine production & also inhibit the enzyme phosphodiesterase. So this means caffeine has the enhanced ability to burn fatty acids due to the catechinpolyphenols & can act as an inhibitor of the phosphodiesterase enzyme, which turns off fat burning.

    Synephrine Citrus Aurantium (Advantra-Z ):

    Is a Chinese fruit that contains several alkaloids with Synephrine being the principal compound. Synephrine is a related cousin of Ephedrine & according to its patent information, it does not act in the body as a stimulant. Synephrine is thought to only stimulate the beta 3 receptors, which control basal metabolic rate. This compound may provide the same fat burning, muscle sparing & appetite regulation as Ephedrine but with out any stimulant like side effects.


    The amino acid L-tyrosine is converted to noradrenaline, which is one of the catecholeamines released by caffeine. The L-tyrosine conversion to noradrenaline causes catecholeamine rejuvenation & prolongs caffeine effectiveness. L-tyrosine is an amino acid that has been shown to enhance the effects of other thermogenic agents.


    The newest ingredient to enter the fat loss arena is Forslean or the Aurvedic herbal Forskolin standardized at 20% Coleus forskohlii. Research shows oral forskolin to be a potent stimulator of adenyl cyclase. Adenyl Cyclase is the controlling agent of fatty acid beta-oxidation or to put it simply when this enzyme is produced it forces the body to burn fat for energy or fuel. If this herb is combined with any beta-agonist say like synephrine it causes a supercharged release of fatty acids to be utilized for energy or fuel.


    Flavanex-ER contains quercetin, naringin, & fisetin which are bioflavanoids found to extend the actions of caffeine & synephrine like compounds. This prolonged action causes the caffeine & synephrine to work longer & thus promote greater thermogenesis & fat loss.

  • Ingredients
    Other Ingredients: Dicalcium phosphate, dihydrate, and magnesium stearate.

  • Recommended Use
    Take two capsules twice daily.

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