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Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap Information

Shrink Wrap By Eclipse Sports Supplements
Retail Price: $19.77
Our Price: $15.82
Package Type: 60 Tabs
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Buy Shrink Wrap

  • Description
    Eclipse SHRINK-WRAP HIGH DEFINITION WATER EXTRACTION FORMULA may help the body to regulate excess water. This NON-STIMULANT synergistic blend of high definition herbal ingredients may regulate excess water and thus may cause the skin to appear "shrink wrapped" to the body. The regulation of water just beneath the skin may enhance muscular definition and promote vascularity. Eclipse SHRINK-WRAP is best used in conjunction with an exercise and diet plan. Results may vary depending upon percentage of body fat. Eclipse SHRINK-WRAP may be used with other Eclipse thermogenic supplements in order to enhance results due to the non-stimulant formula.

  • Shrink Wrap Additional Notes
    Eclipse SHRINK-WRAP contains no herbal stimulants or caffeine.
  • Recommended Use
    Take 1 tablet in the morning and one tablet in the evening with 8oz of water. Drink at least 64oz of water a day. Do not exceed recommended dose. Do not use this product for more than 5 days consecutively.

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