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Spirulina Herbal Diet

Spirulina Herbal Diet Information

Spirulina Herbal Diet By Rainbow Light
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Package Type: 60 Tabs
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Buy Spirulina Herbal Diet

  • Description
    Spirulina Herbal Diet is a whole food and herbal formulation delivering nutrients to support body in achieving weight loss by supplying concentrated forms of vital vitamins, minerals, protein and aid for digestion, fluid retention, elimination, and fat metabolism. Provides satisfying nutritional support & promotes healthy metabolism while dieting. Dietary supplement. Nutrient, Food and Herb System. Guarantee: If not satisfied, return to Rainbow Light for a full refund. A phenomenal success since its introduction, Rainbow Light Spirulina Herbal Diet system provides the nutritional power of whole foods and supports healthy metabolism while dieting. This sensible, health-promoting addition to any weight-loss program provides: Non-fat green foods such as spirulina, wheat grass and barley grass to provide satisfying nutritional support with healthy, whole foods; A comprehensive herbal formula featuring herbs traditionally used as digestives, eliminatives and cleansers; Nutrients that provide added support for balanced metabolism. As part of an overall program to support weight loss, make sure to eat generous portions of fibrous vegetables and grains, limit your intake of fatty and sugary foods, drink plenty of water and get regular exercise.

  • Warnings
    Keep away from children.

  • Recommended Use
    In conjunction with a sound dietary program, 1-2 tablets 1/2 hour before, or immediately following, meals 2-4 tablets can be taken in place of mid-day meal. As a general supplement, 1-3 tablets daily.

  • Where To Buy
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