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Xellex Information

Xellex By TriPharma
Retail Price: $39.95
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Package Type: 120 Caps
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  • Description
    XellexT is a safe and natural complex of plant-based polysaccharides and esterified fatty acids that have been shown to reduce stored body fat and enhance weight loss. The improvement in body composition and percent of body fat is achieved through the interaction between the adipose tissue, brain and liver to control serum leptin.

    Leptin is the Hormone in the body responsible for appetite and fat storage and in most people it is not working properly. That's because Leptin is essential for survival; it guides the proper response to starvation. The problem is that for most people the Leptin message is enforcing a "starvation metabolism" even when food and body fat is in abundance. This dysfunctional Leptin Message that is sent to the brain is instructing our bodies to eat more and store more fat when it is completely unnecessary. As the esteemed Metabolic Specialist and Endocrinologist Dr. Gabriel O'Conner stated: "When the Leptin Message is lost, we lose long term weight control."

  • Xellex Additional Notes
    Xellex is the only weight loss product to target the hormone Leptin and the message Leptin sends the brain that controls appetite and fat storage. In clinical trials, this patented formula resulted in a 92% greater fat loss than with the placebo group.
  • Ingredients
    Other Ingredients: Tapioca and gelatin.

  • Recommended Use
    Two in the morning and two in the evening with meals. For faster results increase dosage by adding two pills with lunch or mid day meal. Also, results can be enhanced when used in conjunction with the Xellerator weight management product.

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